It depends.

E-liquid (or e-juice) is the liquid solution that is vaporized in e-cigarettes to create the vapor that you inhale. This concoction consists of nicotine, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol which are all organic compounds.

Generally e-liquids are safe to vape (inhale), but not to consume by drinking orally. E-liquids are actually poisonous if you attempt to drink the solution, but you do have to drink quite a bit for any noticeable negative effects. A drop, or even a teaspoon full, will likely due nothing more than a minor stomach ache for the average adult. However for children, even drinking a few drops can cause problems.

Additionally some e-liquids can be dangerous even to inhale if not formulated by a quality e-juice manufacturer. Some e-liquid producers can work in unsafe or contaminated environments without ISO 7 certified labs, while others can use low quality ingredients that do more harm than good.

This can include low quality nicotine, poor vegetable glycerin, cheap propylene glycol or dangerous flavorings. Some e-liquid manufacturers can use flavorings that are considered unsafe due to previous occurrences that have led to health warnings.

Examples of these potentially unsafe e-liquid flavor ingredients include diacetyl, acetyl propionyl and acetoin, which have been widely criticized as unsafe to inhale.


Out of these three flavor ingredients, diacetyl has been considered to be the most harmful due to an incident at a popcorn factory where the flavor ingredient was attributed to causing the lung disease bronchiolitis obliterans, otherwise known as “popcorn lung”. Diacetyl is used as a buttery flavor ingredient.

Acetyl propionyl and acetoin are considered to be less harmful, although they are still avoided by vapers as they have been attributed to increasing any harmful effect of diacetyl when present in vape juice. Acetyl propionyl and acetoin were introduced as a replacement to diacetyl after the popcorn lung scare.

If you’re looking for safe e-liquids to inhale and enjoy, your best bet is to purchase e-liquids from a safe and reputable manufacturer like Dynamic Creations that operate in an ISO 7 certified labs and use quality nicotine, premium vg/pg and safe flavoring ingredients.

In summary, e-liquids:


Now with all that said, anytime you inhale anything into your lungs that is not oxygen, it is never considered healthy. This includes e-liquids. So even though quality e-liquids can be considered safe to inhale, it really depends on your definition of safe. Prolonged inhaling of even quality e-liquids can put your health at risk as a foreign substance is entering into your lungs.