Just what are the electronic cigarette health risks? E cigarettes are being marketed as the safer alternative to smoking tobacco, but how safe are they? Are there any electronic cigarette health risks? Let us take a closer look at electronic cigarettes and compare them to smoking real cigarettes, that way you can make an educated decision as to whether or not you should give them a try. The biggest problem with smoking real cigarettes is the 4.000 toxic chemicals that you inhale every time you take a puff on that cigarette. It isn’t the nicotine that gets you it’s the actual smoke that is causing respiratory diseases and lung cancer. With electronic cigarette s health risks are cut as the smoke does not contain any of these toxic chemicals, there is no smoke…because there is nothing burning. Without smoke you have no tar, carbon monoxide, etc.

You may ask “what about the nicotine”? After all that’s the kick from smoking isn’t it. Well e cigarettes still deliver nicotine. However more independent research needs to be done on the effects of nicotine alone to determine the exact dangers of just the nicotine. It is fairly obvious even to a layman that having a system that delivers just the nicotine has got to be better and safer than smocking real tobacco.

It has been reported recently that traces of carcinogens were discovered on a test sample of electronic cigarette nicotine liquid. These carcinogens are, however are also to be found in nicotine patches and gum ( which are both approved by the FDA). You should also bear in mind that carcinogens are actually in a lot of every day food stuffs such as peanut butter. Also it has not been determined as to to whether or not the carcinogen is actually transferred through in to the vapor when you inhale on the e cigarette.

Well the question was are there any electronic cigarette health risks? After looking in to it it is probably safer to err on the side of caution and assume that there are some risks, however when you compare the electronic cigarette health risks to the health risks from smoking traditional cigarettes there is not really any comparison. The one thing that we can be certain of is that smoking real cigarettes is extremely dangerous, and nowadays very expensive. E cigarettes, like the Nicocure electronic cigarette, give smokers an alternative that appears to be a lot safer. There is also the fact that with legislation now restricting the smoking of real cigarettes in many places, there is in fact a call for an alternative to the standard cigarette.